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2 races, one from a stop the other from a 2nd gear roll.

From a stop I got raped pretty good, he's got tires (555 R's) so thats part of the reason, the other was I had 43 psi in the rear tires and did not know it. I could not hook up untill about 1/4 of the way into 2nd gear. Now I have 35 psi in the rear and im hoping this helps. Also I'm not used to it yet and i got a tone of wheelspin.

From a 2nd gear roll I thought I was going to get him but I was wrong, I got the hit and pulled about 1/2 right away then he down shifted to 2nd and walked on by untill about 90 when he had me by 2 car lenghts. I gave him the thumbs up and he was shaking his fist in joy.

I gave him a ride im my car before we raced and he had his doubts all motor vs all motor. He does have spray and i don't even want to think of what it would of been like if he used it. Right now he has a 100 shot, but it's all ready for the 250 plate, just needs to be retuned..
When im at 3000 miles I will rerace him both from a stop and roll just to see what happens with my fully broken LS2.
All done in safe place. Just wanted to see where I was at, before I can really get on it after it's broken in.

I think the stang was dynoed at 403 to the rear wheels and it's gutted so yeah, but that was a while ago and it's not running all that great. It needs to be tuned very badly, but it's a sick car at that. :cheers
Also up at union grove he was running low ~13's at 110mph with a real crappy 60' time. So I can see where he has the edge for now but in 2700 miles we will see. It'll be a nice race, I'll get this one on tape. Then we are going to do a run with the no2 and I'm prob going to get raped but all in good fun :willy:
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