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I bought a 2006 black GTO after many test drives with different cars. I was also considering an Infiniti J-30, STI, Evo, Mustang, and new eclipse...

The GTO raped all of them IMO. I am still really impressed with the quality. I am 24, have a job as an engineer in the Air Force and don't have a wife or kids...so I figured I could swing this by.

My dad was mad at me first for getting the car, but when I took him for a ride he said "this is NICE!...when can I drive it?". He loves it now, and his Ford bias against Pontiac has eased up quite a bit.

The funny part was when we went to our uncle's house. I let my uncle drive it, and he said "Holy crap! How much horsepower is in this?". We thought it would be fun to make him guess. It kinda went like this:

Uncle: 250?
Dad: cold...
Uncle: 300???
Dad: a little warm
Uncle: 350!!! Man this is fast...I'm impressed!
Dad: warmer...
Uncle: You've got to be ******* me? More?
Dad: 400...it's a corvette motor.

I am having so much fun with the car. Even my mom likes it because it is so quiet, luxurious and smooth when you drive it normally (of course I didn't floor it with her in the car). I am babying it every chance I get, and keeping it garaged when possible. It's a car I only want to take out on the weekends for fun...so that going from a Hyundai Accent (primary) to a GTO will feel so good!

I'm having two issues though, if someone can help me with it. I looked at the service manual, but that didn't help. I think there is some broken stuff in it.

1: The steering wheel is too high! I pulled the lever down under it, and I can move it in or out, but not up and down...even with alot of force. What am I missing?

2: The air vent selector (floor, vents, recirc, defog) is stuck on defog? What am I missing here?

Also, I want to wash the car and not put swirls in the paint...what should I use to wash it? Sponge? My dealer said buy bath towels, wash them and dry with dryer sheets. I'm hoping someone can shed some light in this too :D

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