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Got this from another GTO forum. Have you guys seen this hear?


Evidently there are a number of '06 owners with front strut leaks, either caused by improper shipping procedures or defective struts from the supplier. I seriously doubt that Pontiac will voluntarily do anything about this and will handle only as a warranty claim on an individual basis.

Since this is a potential safety issue, my opinion is that a recall of the affected vehicles is in order. GM won't do this without customer pressure or evidence of several serious accidents caused by the problem, as a recall is an expensive proposition for them.

The procedure to initiate a recall is for enough owners to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA.

If you wish to file a complaint, the procedure is as follows:

Go to www.nhtsa.gov

click on "Vehicles & Equipment"

click on "Recalls/Defects"

click on "File a Complaint" and complete the form.

Even if you have had the problem taken care of on your car, it will beneficial to other '06 owners who may have the strut problem later on, to file a complaint with the NHTSA. It only takes a few complaints for them to mandate a recall. While no one has reported a catastrophic strut failure while motoring down the road, it certainly is possible that this could happen, and a life may be saved if we take action.

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Here is the link to the full thread:


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Hey, bought an 06 in december and thursday rolled it, end for end six times was ejected from the vehicle and i always wear my seatbelt for some reason i forgot this time...My friend was wearing a seat belt and we both walked away from the accident, I live on a blacktop road with and there is a cattle feedyard along the road they had been hauling manure that day and there was a large enough pile to do damage so i swerved to miss it, and it went left pulled to the right and then left again. Im a mess cant figure out why this happend, I was crusing along at 67 or 68 the day before and a cat came out in front of me at the last second and I went around it with ease, I know it was partially my fault no matter what, I shouldnt have swerved to miss anything, but could this be a strut failure, there is oil on the right side of the car none from the motor, I just am not sure what to do it had 2152 miles on it.

Any advice would be appreciated

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