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I'm new to the board, just bought an 05' Torrid Red M6 about 4 weeks ago. My cousin went to the track last night. He said there was a Phantom Black 6 Speed there that was turning 7.40's. Now I know for a fact that that mine will haul A$$ and is getting stronger everyday, but I don't know about 7.4 at the 1/8 mile track.


in my opinion thats a tad bit too fast for a stock 05 gto, with the nhra index (from national dragster magazine the defacto press)
not taking into consideration magazine correction factor of how optamistic
they are, an 05 stock running 11.70 dont think so not in reality.i love the car
but someone is shrinking the et.im not gonna call them a fibber but i think they sell beer at that track!!!!!! :cheers :rofl: no ways says rofl ok lets here
some feed back!!!! no cussing! keep it clean!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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