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I am preparing to order/locate a 2005 GTO and am interested in the factory optional 18" wheels (option N87). Would anyone post a picture of these wheels, please? The website does not offer a photo... or do they look exactly like the 17" version.

This forum is excellent... and this will be my second goat... my first was a 1966.

Thanks in advance.

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huskerGTO said:
I hear ya!!! I called Tire RACK and they said they don't have any wheels yet that fit the 05 Goat....things that make you go hmm.....

That can't be right....
The Tire Rack only have a few for the Goat. But they show quite a few for the BMW 3 Series which sports the same lug pattern and offset as the GTO. I ordered my 19" Mille Miglias from 330Ci selections and the fit was perfect. Even the hub center is the same diameter.
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