1964 Pontiac Catalina 389 Engine
With 1964 GTO Tri Power
51,000 original miles on engine
Tough decision but I don’t have a garage now to build this engine. So got to sell. Will accept reasonable offers

Great winter project.
Many machine shops are way out on machine work so this saves time in that process.
I have $7,200 into this project as of right now.
Have all the original parts as well except
Distributor, water pump, power steering pump.
Have all the bolts and other parts bagged and labeled
Many pictures of the disassemble if needed.

1964 Catalina 389 11H Block 1964
Original 51,000 miles.
Block was Boiled checked, magnafluxed and is in awesome shape.
Line bored with new main caps locating pins.
Cam bearings are in
Crank shaft has been ground to
.10 mains .10 piston rod journal’s
Left at standard bore just honed.
I didn’t do the extra machining because new owner may want to go with bigger bore and piston’s.
Piston’s and Rod’s are in great shape. Ring grooves cleaned and checked
Will need valves
Heads were redone with screw in rocker studs instead of the pressed in ones
so hollow pushrod for oiling will be needed
Original engine spec’s
Max Brake Horsepower: 267 @ 4200 rpm - 61-64
Max Torque: 410 @ 2800 rpm - 64
Stroke: 3.75
Bore: 4.0625
Compression: 10.25
Firing Order: 18436572

I have a completely professionally rebuilt Tri Power non vacuum secondaries. Updated to link rods and with GM parts( no china parts) I paid $3000
Also Hard to find Factory D port GTO exhaust manifolds with working heat riser
Brand new Oil pan and gasket