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I just wanted several opinions on how i would start my restoration project on the 64’

My Vin numbers decode it as a ivory white exterior colour and a black interior.


The exterior is now purple (previous owner painted it) im the second owner.

But the interior is still black, i think ill keep the interior and just restore it but im thinking of an exterior colour. Suggestions?


I want the car to be to have that poncho power i have a spare 455ci pontiac which needs a rebuild but i was thinking a 474ci stroker instead.


The rear end is a 12 bolt that came from the chevelle according to the number but i need to rebuild that so i might as well change that to a moser ‘musclepak’ rear. Has anyone had any experience with them?


Im going with a T-56 Magnum.

For highway cruising and a high rear end ratio i think it would be better than the muncie.

Any suggestions would be appreciated on this setup!
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