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I would like to know if you know the correct paint for the black and silver portions of 1966 GTO, the brand of paint and a source for the paint. In the past, I have used SEM Landau Black (#15013) and SEM Silver (#15083) in spray cans with a high impact super high gloss clear coat made by Eastwood (Diamond Clear Extreme). I have a spray can of SEM Low Luster Clear (#13023) which I have not yet tried. I have a can of Eastwood Diamond Clear Satin Finish (#10345ZP) which I have not yet tried.

The color match seems great. The SEM Silver and SEM Flat Black are lacquer based products. The clear coat by Eastwood is not a lacquer based product. With this combination, I have been having paint lifting problems if I want to do a repair since the lacquer Silver or lacquer Black paint will lift the clear coat.
Also, I have tried the Argent Silver Wheel Paint (#1291Z) from Eastwood and it seems like it is too dark and has too much texture (metallic).

I believe that I would like to have a catalyzed paint mixed so that I can spray it in a spray gun so I am in need of some paint code and paint brand information.
Thanks Lauran
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