Tool Gas Composite material Metal Auto part

Handwriting Wood Font Paper Paper product

Post-it note Luggage and bags Bag Handwriting Wood

Road surface Asphalt Automotive tire Gas Concrete

Wood Grass Gas Urban design Plant

Font Office supplies Auto part Pen Metal

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Bumper Rectangle

Yellow Circuit component Electronic engineering Wire Electrical wiring

Wood Gas Bag Auto part Bicycle part

Wood Gas Metal Room Machine

69 hood hinges. Matching rivet stamps
Work smoothly fits 68-72. Not 71-72 gto
Straight no bowing. 225. With 8 correct bolts

1 single drivers side straight. Off 68

69 seat back straps mint plastic for show car. Repop s are easy to tell apart
150 pair

69-72 non ac blk kick panels sweet originals 250

69 ash tray complete nice original 85 upper trim and fiber optic
Extra fiber optic 15

69 ac heater control 100

69 ac lap vent manifold nice and ductwork
Under column duct also

front windshield stainless verystraight 3/125

rear window stainless 125-275 set 68-72

drip rail trim very nice 6 pieces 1 ding 250

68 convert pillar pads nice black

69-72 same

69 wiper switch nice 85

69 fuel gauges. Speedometer. Housings

new wood grain assembly’s both sides85

69-72 console 8track MINT. Complete 650

grilles. Wiring … am and am fm radios

wheel well stainless. 68and 69 window parts for both years

69 Gto factory dark green interior
4 side panels

Seat belts
Seat plastics top n bottoms
1 69 only headrest
Window cranks
Door releases