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1968 GTO convertible molding

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Attached is a pic of the metal molding that goes across the top of the windshield and contains the visor mounting holes.
What color/sheen black should this be painted?
The ends that are tucked under the rear view mirror bracket appear to have a sheen….just not sure if it’s satin or semi gloss.
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The Zazarine restoration guide lists parts 7742776RH and 7742777LH as being painted gloss black.
Not sure I want them that shiny.
I agree with you, my opinion is that gloss black would be too shiny.

Mine are satin black.
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Worked on removing the convert top frame today. That piece you show above the embossed piece we have been discussing is pretty rust covered. I will clean up and paint.
What sheen black do you think that piece is? It is the header of the folding top.
While I have you….what sheen black are the frame and bow rails of the convert top?
My top frame has never been painted, I’ll take a picture in the natural light and post it / them. I believe the entire top frame is satin black.
My convertible top frame is satin / 60% gloss black. I would say it’s the same black sheen as the engine compartment, exterior wheel well housing‘s and core support.

Here are a few pictures of the original paint.
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