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I'm new to the forum. 1st car was a 1969 firebird blue/blue 350, 2bbl, th350. Had many 1sts in that car ;)

Fast forward to today and wife has given the go-ahead for project-GOAT! ;) :) Yippe:)

I've done the 5.0 mustang thing for years (347 stroker, powerdyne blower, vortech blower motor, bolt-on motor.... autocrossing, drag racing)......

Recently got an 01 Z06.... but gave it to the wife...... not my bag.

I"m an old school muscle car guy at heart.

SO I'm looking at a 1969 GTO with paperwork showing it is a true GTO, RAIII car. Blue/blue, Factory AC, PDB, PS with the reverberator rear speaker.

It's always been a Texas car.... so no rust on the body or subframe. Paint is a 6/10.

Has all orig emblems trim/interior. Interior is a 7.5/10.

Engine is a date correct WS 400, RAIII with correct cam, heads, intake,carb. Just not no's matching.

Trans was switched to th-400 at some point. and hurst his/hers console added. I noticed the clutch pedal was removed, but you can tell it was a 4spd because of the small brake pedal.

It's missing the RA bits and the CA parts.

Runs/drives. Needs tune-up. Been sitting for about 9 yrs in a where-house.

Glass is good.

His 1st asking price is $18,400.

Would this be a good GTO to restore?

Is this a fair price?

I can do all the work on the car myself. No big deal for me to swap back to 4spd. I can install all the AC bits and the ram-air stuff can be had off of fleabay.

What do you guys think?


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Sounds like a pretty decent deal. Put some time into getting it running right, convert it back to a 4 speed, clean up the interior, throw a $5k paint job on her, and you're looking at a $35k-$40k car. Probably less than what you'd have invested at that point....probably in the area of $30k by the time you're done.

a '69 GTO hardtop (400/350, auto) in "good" not "great" conditon sold for $32,000 at Barrett-Jackson Arizona. One in less than "good" but still "acceptable" condition sold for $17,500 at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach '05.
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