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Just got this the other day. VIN checks out and body plate checks out. I have titles going back to 1982.

It's in decent shape, just a little rust on the back fenders. No rust along the windows, in the trunk or the floor. Interior is decent. It has a rebuilt 455 in it and whoever rebuilt it messed something up. I haven't quite figured it out what yet. The rebuild has less than 100 miles on. The compression readings are

1. 40
2. 130
3. 35
4. 160
5. 60
6. 145
7. 40
8. 140

Obviously something is going on with that left bank. A wet test did not increase the compression on those odd cylinders. Maybe something in the head.

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x2 Make sure you do the test with all the plugs removed, engine warm, throttle blocked wide open. I also noticed that the low ones are all on the drivers side. Head gasket maybe? May not make any difference but it wouldn't be too hard to re-torque all the head bolts on that side "just in case" you get lucky.
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