These are all left over from my restoration price doesn’t include shipping. If you are interested my email is [email protected]
I can send pictures if needed. Thanks

Single groove crank pulley- $10
480509 XS
Rear bumper brackets frame to inner brackets. Left is bent a little but repairable. -$20
Harmonic balancer-$10
Trunk latch assembly missing one bolt-$10
Air cleaner elbow (x2) $5 each
Aftermarket front park light/turn signal sockets - $5
Rear view mirror bracket and black cover- $10
New aftermarket window cranks -$15
Rear seat ash tray -$5
Ignition coil bolt and strap (AMK G-7638)- $5
Throttle bracket to intake (AMK G-7628) -$5
Seat side panel screws (AMK- G-6656) - $5
Seat back panel screws (AMK G-6654) -$5
Water neck bolt and hardware (AMK G-7594)- $5
Hood scoop insert fasteners (AMK G-7410)- $5
Console bracket screw kit (inline tube #INL12497)- $5
Heater hose clam kit (inline tube #INL10500)- $10
Valley pan bolts (inline tube #INL10128)-$5
Radiator hose clamps (#INL11303)
Starter wire heat shield non ram air- $10
Hood release assembly (release lever attach point is bent) $5
Console lid hinge -$10
Headlight bulb retaining ring - $5
Coil (unknown condition) 238 BR - $10
Center console mounting bracket - $10
Fuel pump (unknown condition)
Headlamp housing - $10