1970 Endura bumper ... stored in the rafters for 30 plus years ... very nice
no grilles or head lite bezels.... 3000

real clean bellhousing 67-72 n up bare NOT bead blasted 150

pontiac only GM fork nice 85

fresh turned flywheel nice ring gear 150 .... NEW SHaefer flywheel 10.5 and 11 250

super super nice 70-72 all correct and original with lock out parts
all linkage and levers sweet chrome super survivor from a 40,000 mile
70 GTO that was wrecked 35 years ago stored in a box in the house
850.00 its that nice and complete and original finishes,,,
all correct assembly line parts down to the bolts holding the shifter to the mounting plate and its bolts

nice 120 speedometer works 100 shipped fuel gauge non rally 100 shipped

1970 M-22 real deal .... OTC transmission.... stamped P0M22C OTC 660 case=68-70
P = muncie
0= 1970
M= August COOL DATE !!!
22 = 22nd
C= M-22

OTC over the counter / service replacement

no input grooves totally original MINT inside never apart under 5000 original miles
stored since '82 my uncle bought new for his 66 GTO
then was rear ended by a drunk
this transmission has STUDS that ended in 68 for linkage levers
I have the 69 up threaded shift bosses if needed

also have a complete 69-72 4 speed restored and original
pedals,,, hanger ... nuetral switch... thru firewall rod ,,, firewall steering column bracket w hole
,,,oem mint bellcrank .. frame bracket ,,, block bolt n sleeve ,,,, shifter porch on floor,,,
purple jump wire mint for switch to dash harness ,,, 675

very nice 70-72 black headrests ,,,,, 325 pair

68-72 rear window stainless very nice 275

offers on some considered