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I wanted to share a photoshoot I did over a year ago for High Performance Pontiac (HPP). A year ago I was doing some shoots, articles, and videos for Super Chevy Magazine. The same company, Source InterLink, now The Enthusiast Network (TEN), owns HPP and at that time worked out of the same offices. The car was about an hour and half away from where I lived and I actually shot it twice. The first day of shooting the car was a crazy one. I was not familiar with that area so the owner had picked some locations. Sadly those locations didn’t work out. I don’t blame that on the owner as he was a very nice guy and was doing the best he could. He’s simply not a photographer nor did he know about legal restrictions as to when and where we could and could not shoot. So we went to a housing development and saw this very nice house. I shouldn’t say house, given that is was a $1.6 million dollar estate. My assistant and me went and convinced them to let us use it and the unfinished neighborhood surrounding it. They were very gracious and the shoot couldn’t have been done without them as well as the flexibility of the owner of the car. After all was said and done I got a message from a senior editor that big changes were on their way within the company but he would not elaborate. Those changes as many of you know were the shutting down of several magazines as well as offices around the country. This affected me directly because TEN had a policy at the time, which I have no reason to think it’s changed, that they do not pay a writer or photographer until the work has been published. So in short I never got paid for my work. It’s a business model I strongly disagree with but at the time I wanted to shoot for them and had no reason to suspect I would not get paid. Another downside to all of this is the owner of this SSJ would never see his car in print. I tried shopping the photos around but no one would bite. The car is just so unique to the Pontiac brand that most magazines and/or sites really didn’t have a place for it. As far as the author of the article goes I’m not sure were that text is. One of the main reasons I do this work is for you: the readers and owners of these cars. Seeing the excitement at the work is really fulfilling to me. So after working some things out I’m proud to share with you this photoshoot as well as some behind the scenes photos. I’d like to thank the owner of this SSJ, his family, and the property company for helping this shoot come together. As far as future shoots go I did two features I both wrote and photographed a year ago as well.

One was published here:1969 Chevrolet El Camino - Rollin? On Chrome

The other still has yet to be published, a 1955 Chevy, but I hope one day the owner of that great car gets to see his car in print.

1972 Pontiac SSJ Hurst Edition El Casico (1) by Casey J Porter, on Flickr

1972 Pontiac SSJ Hurst Edition El Casico (2) by Casey J Porter, on Flickr

1972 Pontiac SSJ Hurst Edition El Casico (3) by Casey J Porter, on Flickr
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