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Hello Friends,

Went to the track last night and nearly beat my friends GTO.

GTO Times:
60' 2.367
330 6.252
1/8 9.304
MPH 81.54
1000 11.896
1/4 14.082
MPH 103.46

96 STS
R/T .080 (Spanked off the line)
60' 2.221
330 6.177
1/8 9.387
MPH 77.01
1000 12.156
1/4 14.515
MPH 95.60

The GTO got me by a hair in the end. I thought I was going to beat him, but near the finish he edged me. I'm sure he was a bit surprised, but the Northstar engine is very strong. I took out the air filter, ran on a 1/2 tank and reduced tire pressure to 25 in the front. I took this time down from 15.024 to 14.7 and now to 14.5. My next thing is to run with slicks on the front and try to control traction control a little. My prediction is 14 or below. I have been right so far, but stay tuned and I'll push this car to the limit. I did beat a few ricers and blew away a 5.0 Mustang. Before I get flamed, racing is skill, not just what Motor trend says a car can do as many of you who race GTO's know. My friend had a K/N air box mod, but I think wheel hop kills his times, or too much tire spin. Anyway, I like the GTO's, but not bad for a 1996 engine vs a 2004 vette engine. Let the flames begin.


Race track in Cecil, GA the South Georgia Motor Sports Park. I'll let my buddy know I posted this:)
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