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Ok you guys some of you guys know me from the boards and meets but if you don't my name is Shelby and we've been putting this meet together over the summer and we decided to keep it going through out the rest of the year and so on. Well meets have moved locations and been disrupted over the year by cops and parking lot owners. But Stimulated Motorsports has been kind enough to open there doors to us to hold one of Orange County's most promising meets. The meet will have everything from shop cars, to track cars and some big names in the performance industry stopping by!!! The location is awesome, a well lit and open parking lot and a private side street!! Cops are pretty cool with us and its a private parking lot so just don't crazy on the streets around the shop . This meet is open to all cars/ makes /models, and any one that is a car enthusiast. There is usually everything from g's,z's, evo's, ms3's, classic imports, domestic and etc.

The meet will be the first Tuesday of every month. Most of the time we try to have the BBQ grilling up some hamburgers.

Time-7:00 till when we feel like going home

Where-Stimulated motorsports
15631 Graham St, Unit E
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

If you have any questions feel free to p.m. me

P.S. No drama, No burnout's, No speeding!!!

Here are some pics of previous meets and some of the shop cars!

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