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I have a 2004 GTO A4 that I purchased about a year ago and never had any problems until about two months ago. I was driving my car at night when I noticed that my highbeams and lowbeams were on and I couldn't shut the highbeams off? The only way I could was to undo the battery terminal and hook it back up? Now the problems even worse it blows the turn signal fuse, the gauge illumination/tail lamp fuse, and A few other fuses, usually 5 total? All the while my highbeams won't shut off even if I shut off the car? I was hoping somebody out there could help me figure this problem out so that I could fix it myself rather than taking it too a dealer! I have a few more problems as well sometimes the radio screen will flicker on and off, my floor vents don't work most of the time and intermittent delay wipers don't work correctly most of the time also??? Any ideas on how to correct these problems would be greatly apprectiated!!!

LS1 A4
SLP LT Headers
SLP Loudmouth 1 Exhaust
Cat delete
SLP underdrive pulley
SLP Air Flow meter
Tune by HP Tuners
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