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I really need a rubber u-joint for my 04 goat and i tried calling the dealership but they will only sell the whole driveshaft as opposed to just the piece i need. Please if anyone could help me with some ideas of where i could buy one i would really appreciate it. My email is [email protected]. I really dont have 1300 for a new driveshaft when i just need the one rubber piece. Thank you soo much.

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South Coast Speed and Sound sells them for $120 vs. $203.67 at GM Parts Direct. To borrow a post from the other site:
teamscss.com said:
Thanks Kevin,

These are liquid filled, and we offer an OEM replacement for GTOs. $120/ea vs. too much.

ls1 and ls2 are in stock

Manufacturer of:
Tubular trailing arms
Tubular cross-member
Gator dash pods
Single, dual and triple a-pillar pods
Custom color-matched gauges
TVS poly engine mounts
KAZA poly engine mounts
KAZA poly transmission mounts
Custom color-matched double din stereo kits

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[email protected]
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