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Hey all. First post here.
i am looking for some advice and knowledge from people with more experience than I.
im 22. almost finished building my 1967 Convertible GTO. completely stock. 400/4spd car.
im starting a new project and im curious of a few things. im starting to transplant a 2004GTO into my 1964 GTO. I dont yet own a '04. before i do so. i want to know a few things.
im definitely gunna put the LS1 gto engine w/ 6spd manual trans into the 64. however. my idea was to purchase a complete '04 and transplant everything into the 64. does anyone know for sure about fitment?
do the brakes/suspension/wheel bolt pattern/etc of the '04 fit the 64? i know interior parts and such will require mods to fit. that, im fine with. but im curious if i could transplant the drivetrain with relatively no modification?
ive done ls swaps before so i know i can get that done, but im curious about everything else. if it could work, buying a complete '04 and transplanting it would be cheaper than piecing it together.

thank you all for your help and advice, and any other words of wisdom you have for me

not afraid of the work involved(which i realize will be a lot). just wondering if the fitment of those kind of parts would work

thanks again

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