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Made in America????????????

Hi guys,
As Australia leads the world ( or at least the GM world!! ) in rear wheel drive passenger cars, it is only natural that our Monaro would be "pinched" by you guys. I have no problem with that, and in fact, GM-Holden is designing the next Monaro/Pontiac GTO to have the same bonnets and boot lids for both cars. That cuts down costs, and they are even talking about carbon fibre being used for the bonnet/hood!

The big news though, is that my spies tell me that GM are going to bring the Monaro platform to the US and will actually BUILD the GTO right there in Detroit. Because of the relatively small Australian consumption of the Monaro, it will be cheaper to build BOTH cars in the US and export Right Hand Drive Monaros to Australia, and sell the Left Hand Drive Pontiacs in the US and other LHD markets.

To set this up, Steve Simcoe from GM-H has been sent over to the USA and I'm told that he's a real petrol-head, so the cars are just gonna get better.

With the FTA with Australia that has just been signed by President Bush this week, a lot more Australian goods will be on sale in the USA, and vice versa. Now, if only I could convince David Hill to build a Right Hand Drive Corvette................????????????????

Regards from Down Under

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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