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Hey everyone,

I just bought a 2006 GTO with a couple performance mods (magnaflow exhaust, cold air intake) about 3 weeks ago. I noticed that the engine sputters a little bit when I'm starting the car. Also, while i was driving about 20 mph, the engine slipped a little bit and although I was pushing the accelerator, the RPM's weren't going up and the car wasn't speeding up. It went away after about 5 seconds and I haven' seen it since (happened yesterday).

Things that might be important:

I noticed that a pretty big chunk (4-5 in) of the the catalytic converter had become dislodged and made its way all the way to the right exhaust tailpipe. I pulled it out. It had already passed emissions and no check engine lights came on.

This happened right before I drove the car on a long road trip (Atlanta to NY).

Now, when I start the engine, it has a sort of delayed reaction that is a bit more quiet than the original 'roar' that i heard the first week I had the car.

Any ideas what might be causing it? Maybe a fuel pump issue?

Thanks a lot.

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If it were mine, first, I would get it scanned to see if any specific codes are set.
Then, I would replace the spark plugs and maybe the wires.
Last, I would run a few tanks of gas with a good injector cleaner in them.
There have been soooo many owners replace their stock manifolds with headers, that a used cheap set of stock cats should be an easy find.
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