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Single day meets are fun and all, but if you really want to hang out with some Holden enthusiasts, this is where you need to be come September.

The 2012 G8/GTO meet is going to take place in the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa from September 21st through the 23rd. Drag racing on Friday, a car show and a cruise on Saturday, and on Sunday we will be going to the Pontiac auto museum in Pontiac, Illinois. I have been to this event twice before, and it is well planned and organized. You can register online and come to the whole meet, or just come for 1 day. Either way, show up. Hang out with some like minded people and have some fun!

Last year, there were 80 cars registered, but only 8 of them were GTOs. I want to see half as many GTOs as there are G8s this year. While this event is geared toward Holden produced cars, there is a Guest class in the car show, and all are welcome! Please talk to your friends and tell them they need to come to the meet this year. I want this to be the biggest Holden based car event in North America.

Check out the Events section for a thread regarding the meet. You can also register online at g8gone.com - G8/GTO/Holden Owners iNternational Event - 2012
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