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It's that time of year for me to remind you guys about the G8/GTO Owners National Event taking place in the Quad Cities in late September. This will be the 4th consecutive year for the event, and it looks to be the biggest and best yet. We are anticipating having 100 cars at the meet this year. This is a breakdown of all the activities happening at this year's meet:


- New for 2013: Dyno pulls at the meet. 2 pulls for $80, 4 for $120.

- Drag racing at Cordova Dragway Park. This year we have two hours of time reserved just for our group. There will also be a group bracket race and test and tune going on at night.


- New for 2013: Dyno pulls at the meet. 2 pulls for $80, 4 for $120.

- Car Show in the morning, seperate classes for G8, GTO, and guest cars that aren't either

- Scenic cruise in the afternoon

- Tailgate dinner on the parking ramp in the evening


- Banquet and awards ceremony in the morning, we will also discuss next year's meet in Austin.

Other things worth mentioning are that the event organizer has been in contact with the GM team responsible for the Chevy SS Performance regarding the meet. They have already provided us with a package of Pontiac and Chevy apparel

out at the meet. They are also currently working on bringing a Chevy SS Performance and a demonstration tent to the meet, but we can't confirm that as of yet.

The host hotel again is the Isle of Capri

first time we will have the entire top deck of the parking ramp to ourselves and we will have security on hand to make sure no one else parks up there. There is a discount code available if you want to book a room for the meet. To register for the meet, please go to:

g8gone.com - G8/GTO/Holden Owners iNternational Event - 2013
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