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Open to all Pontiacs: any year and model

Saturday August 16, 2014
Registration 8a-11a
Show: 9a-3p
10.00 Pre-Registration by August 9, 2014
(rain date: Aug, 23 same times)

12 Classes (5 modified)
Best of Show Awards
Longest Distance Award

Model Car Contest (no diecast) FREE
Adult & Children's Divisions

Door/Raffle Prizes

Showfield in a park on grass with abundant shade and comfort facilities
Catered food, period music

Portion of proceeds to benefit: Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central PA
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central PA

Online registration or download a flyer/registration form.

Information: All Pontiac Car Show - SVGTO All Pontiac Show Lancaster PA

2014 show flyer.pdf

2014 show flyer_page_001.jpg

View attachment 2014 show flyer.pdf

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A BIG THANK YOU to all that came out to our 2014 All Pontiac Show, YOU made it a huge success. .......... 146 Pontiacs in the showfield.

Link to pictures courtesy of Nikkiv: 7th Annual All Pontiac Car Show - Landisville, PA. - 8.16.204 album | NikiVee | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy.

Pics on SVGTO FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...8443826&type=3

Winners List: All Pontiac Car Show - SVGTO All Pontiac Show Lancaster PA

SVGTO’s 2014 All Pontiac Show Winner’s List

Model Car Contest

Pontiac Senior Division:
1st: Brian Little: 2004 GTO Concept
2nd: Jeff Jukes: 1965 GTO
Honorable Mention: Paul Stransky: 1969 GTO Judge
Pontiac Junior Division:
1st: Vincent Pestilli: 1969 GTO

Open Senior Division:
1st: Paul Stransky: “Dick Landy” Charger
2nd: Jeff Jukes: 1970 Superbird
Open Junior Division:
1st: Duffer Edgell: 1969 Camaro
2nd: Jeff Mathews: Purolator Lumina

146 cars

Class A: All Pontiac to 1964 stock except: GTO
Best in Class: Joe Quiman: 1958 Bonneville
Class Winner: Gar Messner: 1960 Bonneville
Class Winner: AJ & Carol Kozi: 1962 Grand Prix
Class Winner: Elvin Rohrer: 1949 Chieftian

Class B: Pontiac 1965-1979 stock except: GTO/TA/FB
Best in Class: Scott Lamm: 1969 Lemans
Class Winner: Dante Principe: 1965 2+2
Class Winner: Jack Anderson: 1965 2+2
Class Winner: Gary Green: 1966 2+2

Class C: Pontiac 1980-Present stock except: GTO/TA/FB
Best in Class: Mark Regester: 2009 G6 GT
Class Winner: Alfred Glaze: 1986 Grand Prix
Class Winner: Karen Manno: 2007 Solstice
Class Winner: Joe Oesteriech: 1988 Fierro

Class D: 1964-1974 GTO Inclusive stock
Best in Class: Pat Fontana: 1968 GTO
Class Winner: Dave Saneman: 1965 GTO
Class Winner: Duane Myer: 1969 GTO
Class Winner: Rob Romig: 1967 GTO

Class E: 1967-1981 TA/Firebird stock
Best in Class: Duane Peterman: 1967 Firebird
Class Winner: Robert Widdowson: 1973 Trans-Am
Class Winner: Brian Bachman: 1969 Firebird
Class Winner: Dennis & Patti Wolfe: 1969 Trans-Am

Class F: 1982-2002 TA/Firebird stock
Best in Class: Marcie Beam: 1999 Trans-Am
Class Winner: Tina Mason: 2001 Trans-Am
Class Winner: Bob Beam: 2002 Trans-Am

Class G: 2004-2006 GTO stock
Best in Class: Russ Strosser: 2006 GTO
Class Winner: Ronald Frye: 2006 GTO
Class Winner: Scott Wivell 2005 GTO
Class Winner: Steve Sikora: 2004 GTO

Class H: All Pontiac modified except: GTO/TA/Firebird
Best in Class: Bob Marsh: 1930 Sedan
Class Winner: Barry Reinhold: 1962 Bonneville
Class Winner: Steve Walker: 1962 Catalina s/w
Class Winner: Jeff Mason: 1969 Lemans

Class I: 1967-1981 TA/Firebird modified
Best in Class: Jeff Kipe: 1967 Firebird
Class Winner: Donald Good: 1969 Firebird
Class Winner: Tom Corbin: 1967 Firebird

Class J: 1982-2002 TA/Firebird modified
Best in Class: John Whooley: 2001 Trans-AM
Class Winner: Darrell Hall: 1998 Trans-AM
Class Winner: Terry Curlee: 2002 Trans-AM

Class K: 1964-1974 GTO modified
Best in Class: Nick Varnalis: 1967 GTO
Class Winner: Ken Leaman: 1964 GTO
Class Winner: Ray Kuech: 1969 GTO
Class Winner: Tim Martin: 1967 GTO

Class L: 2004-2006 GTO modified
Best in Class: Faith Poore: 2006 GTO
Class Winner: Doug Mower: 2005 GTO
Class Winner: Ed Kinzenberger: 2006 GTO

Susquehanna Valley GTO Member’s Class

Class SVA: Classic to 1987
Best in Class: Chester Ewart: 1964 GTO
Class Winner: Ed Sloan: 1966 GTO
Class Winner: Vic Schreck: 1970 GTO

Class SV-B: 1988-2009
Best in Class: Dave Eyster: 2006 GTO
Class Winner: Terry Barnett: 2006 GTO
Class Winner: Bob Krewson: 2009 G8 GT

Best of Show Awards

Dealer’s Choice: Joel Peterman: 1939 Touring Sedan

Best GTO of Show: George Weaver: 1964 GTO

GTOAA Choice: Dan Romig: 1964 GTO cv

Best Modified of Show: Steve Cellucci: 1972 GTO

Kids Choice: Total number of kids participated: 16
Dennis & Patti Wolfe: 1999 Trans-AM

Ladies Choice: Total number of Ladies participated: 20
Jerry Rice: 1963 Lemans

Longest Distance: Justin Crummett: 229 miles
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