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Okay, I remember reading about a green period for fuel consumption that goes up until 2500 miles. I didn’t pay it much attention. I’ve always gotten around 16 and some change per gallon. However, the other day I left for the city with 2498 on the odometer. I didn’t refuel or anything and still had a half tank of the same gas in the car. As I parked my car and looked down, I was at 2552 miles and, drum roll, 19.4 MPG. I didn’t reset before I left, so it was probably even higher. Is this 2500 green thing confirmed? Not only that, while driving back the car was snappier, sounded better, and was all around a different car. There’s no sluggishness or any delay to throttle response.

Additionally, this makes me believe a tune on cars with less than 2500 miles may be money down the drain. Does anyone else have such a clear example of the same? Oh, it's an O5/A4.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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