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Halfway to track I remembered my camera,,as in I forgot to take it..Dang..

So I get to track and pull in ,go to tech and 05Goat (05 M6 )
pulls in behind me ,,a little later Wildgoat (05 M6 maggie)
pulled in .

After waiting around for the usual moroso bs wait we make our first run ,
My car wouldnt spin the tires! It would just bog then spin.. TracLoc was off. It bogged again off the line and ran a horrible time,

RT .162
60Ft 2.0
ET 13.7

as i neared the top end the car was covered in water,,I though I had blown a hose.. No,,It was raining ONLY on the shutdown area,,nowhere else!!

05Goat ran 13.7 on that first pass I think at 105 but not sure

Well someone told the tower about the rain on the other end and they shut it down before Wildgoat got his run. After the typical 1hour wait the got the track dried out and Wildgoat ran. I belive his first run was [email protected] but dont quote me on that. About this time a nonforum GTOowner I had met before showsup, he has an 04 M6 pretty stock with nitrous,drs and a custom tunre,lets call him GTOSS (he has SS decals on his rocker panels).

We have now been here 2 hours and made 1 run

Next run ONCE again the car would not spin the tires and bogged off the line,,I was pissed. It ran a hair bit better but still miserable considering I was expecting 12s .

RT .052
60ft 2.0
ET 13.4
MPH 102

05 Goat ran 13.3 i think and Wildgoat ran 14.0 i think, GTOSS ran 12.7 around 112mph

Around now weather starting looking bad but holding, o5Goat says this will
be his last run,and I agree considering how crappy my car was running.
I had tried everything,reloading the predator tune,checking parameters,checking for loose wires,maf,etc,ran codes and it came up clean... Only thing left,pull the battery cable ,,NO TOOLS,,ARGHHH Ok I am getting pissed so I used brute force and took it off. After 5minutes I put it back on promptly setting off my car alarm.. Great..
So here comes my turn,,Start my burnout,YES BABy!!! ALL MY POWER IS BACK!
(man that is one crappy computer they saddled us with if you have to keep resseting it to get your power back)
LAunch and I hear the slick wrinkle so I know it was good, on both shifts it hit the shift light meaning they were a bit too high,I forgot to reset the shift points for the shorter tires.DOOH!
I was expecting a 12.9 but Im here to say Casey Jones struck out. no 12s for me..

Pulse Red
xpipe, removed resonators , intake tube , Predator and 3000TCI convertor.
RT .073
60ft 1.8
330 5.4
1/8 et 8.4
1/8 mph 81

1/4 ET 13.22
1/4 MPH 102.54

So I lost 1.3 mph but gained 2/10 which is a LOT less than I wanted from the convertor.. I changed my mind about leaving since I figured now knowing the car was running normal i could reset the shift points and try launching higher off the convertor

I didnt see what 05Goat and Wildgoat got on the last pass ,GTOSS ran a [email protected] , not bad for just nitrous,DRs and a tune.

Well as I wait for the next pass the skys opened up,,night was over,never got the next run.. So there it is.. To make it even better my front tranny seal which had been leaking a drop every no and then got REALLY bad on way home,,its now a pretty continous drip so I have pull the phucker again,,happy happy joy joy.

Oh yeah ,,as you can see humidity was a "tad" high..

Temperature: 86
Wind: From SSE at 2 mph
Humidity: 89%
Pressure: 30.00 in.
Dew Point: 73°F

All in all was dissapointed to go thru all that for a measly two tenths and now have to pull it again to fix leak.
Night all...
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