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I'm buying a mocked up, but unused, Wilwood 4 wheel disc kit from a buddy at a great price, so going to move forward with the swap. This kit bolts up to the stock front drum spindles, so I do not have to remove the knuckle. I do have a few questions I hope the forum pros can help me with before I get into it

'66 GTO
currently power drum car with single chamber master
stock 10 bolt 8.2 rear

I want to retain the current front wheel spacing, so I am going with this for the front:
and this for the rear:

It comes with this tandem master:

For the proportioning valve, I'm wondering if there is any real world difference between the actual Wilwood valve:
a Wilwood "style" valve. I'm not one to skimp on brakes, but if they are for all purposes identical its a great way to save $80. Thoughts?

Would a single diaphragm or a dual diaphragm booster be better for this set up? Any specific ones recommended?

Lastly, the biggest challenge will be re-routing all the hard lines. Currently there is just one line coming from the single pot master to the distribution block on the frame that feeds both front drums with a single line to the rear diff. Now I need hard lines from the prop valve all the way to both front discs calipers, and a new had line to the rear. Any pre-bent kits for my car out there?

Any thing I'm missing?

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