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1972 LeMans T41 convertible
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40 years.....I grew up in my granddaddy's salvage yard. Life was great in the late 70's. I was driving a 71 firebird my senior year. I came to work after school one day and granddaddy told me to go unhook the POS on the back of his wrecker. She was a 69 GTO. It was love at first site. The green machine was put up on stands at the front of the office. Right in the line of cars we would repair and sell. She generated lots of conversations. I spent the summer rebuilding the suspension and drivetrain. One afternoon, granddad brought in a 71 GTO convertible. I was lost in waves of lust. But it was not to be......The green machine was my ride in college. As time passed and graduation came, I let go of her and got a truck so I could move to CA from MS. Careers changed, the wife changed, and kids came along. One day the last kid was out of college. I continued to pursue my hobby, woodworking, as I looked toward retirement. Last December I was about to pull the trigger on building out a small woodworking shop within my 2,100 sf garage. It happened suddenly, GTO just kept popping up in TV shows and a friend sent me a lead on a car that made my heart pound. But alas, she was sold as quickly as I heard about her. Depressed I made put out a feeler post for a "driver" on a FB page. Jolene had lived her entire life up in a city in north MS. Just a couple of hours away. With my wife's encouragement in December of '21, I brought her home. She had issues, a rattle in the bottom end of a newly rebuilt 455 being the largest. So far, I've done the work myself, except pressing in new ball joints, and she is getting close to road worthy. I waited forty years for this '72 LeMans convertible with a T41 package.
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