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I am going thru my seat belts
Robbins irving Irvin Daal. Hammil General Safety Etc
Right now I am working on 67 through 69 dates with 6768 Irving and the 69 Irvin belts 6768 standard with the four row belt material pattern
But what I’m interested in is the part number on your original belts so I can organize Mine there is several three digit numbers on the 6768 standard belt such as 277 310 300 etc. could you please tell me what you have and the position I go in in the car mostly the shoulder harness male female and part number and correct rear seat Part numbers on both male and female also for the 69 when they went to a three row belt design and four digit part numbers if anybody has those please let me know thank you kindly or give me a call thanks Scott

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very nice Ed
thanks again very help full

looks like 4-8 weeks before build date .... nice kinda what I remembered

thanks anyone else ?? any Robbins in our a body Pontiacs ????
I have a few of them from years past also...

seems Irving 68 3 digit and Irvin 69 4 digit were very common on the 68-9 belts I have
in black

still have 2 apple boxes of greens to go thru
2 apple boxes of deluxe belts..... to go

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I'll go look thru my 68' this weekend Scott and get photos. I may also be interested in one of your retractor covers. My driver is cracked, I've repaired but three years later, not holding very well.

thanks, Joe
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