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Does anyone know what the accessory option code "E 2EZ GR" means? I was able to decipher all of the other codes. Also, the car needs major repair to the firewall and the floorboards, is there a replacement panel for both areas that can be installed? Just bought it as a winter project, but I think it will be longer that that as I get into the details.

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Here is the ACC code for a 67 Firebird, I believe most of the codes are the same for the GTO.

1st Group (this digit does not appear on the data plate)
D = Power Top / Convertible
E = Tinted Glass all Windows
L = Folding Rear Seat
S = Rear Mounted Antenna
W = Tinted Glass Windshield
X = Power Windows

2nd Group (digit 2 appears on data plate preceding codes)
B = 3-Speed Floor Shift
E = A/C
G = Console
L = 4-Speed Floor Shift
R = Rear Seat Speaker
T = Rear Power Antenna
U= Stereo Tape Player
W = 2-Speed Automatic Tranny
Z = 3-Speed Automatic Tranny

3rd Group (digit 3 appears on data plate preceding codes)
B = Rear Window Defogger
F = 400 option
J = Custom Option

4th Group (digit 4 appears on data plate preceding codes)
F = Outside Remote Mirror
Q = Mounting / Full Size Spare

5th Group (digit 5 appears on data plate preceding codes)
Y = Deluxe Seats

An example of these codes appearing on a data plate might look like this:

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Thank you for the quick response. The previous owner said it had A/C (even though the instrument cluster does not have the larger hole for the vent) and it does have a console.
Thanks again.

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Here are a few ways to tell if it had A/C.
The Kick panels will not have fresh air vents.
There will be 2 round vents on the lower outside corners of the dash.
There will be a vent above the Heater controls.
And if it's missing the evaporator box on the firewall, someone would have had to place a patch where the box used to be.

And remember if you have to order parts ie: (A new radiator or schroud) the A/C cars had a larger radiator and fan. A non A/C radiator will not fit the support if its an A/C car.
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