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67 GTO Recommendations for 4 Speed

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My 67 has ceramic coated headers and exhaust system that fit super tight to my starter, oil pressure switch and clutch linkage. Wondering if anyone else with a manual tranny has found a better way to create space using particular headers or manifolds? I'm not into racing my car so if creating some distance lessens horsepower, I'm not concerned.
400 ci 4 speed. Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise.
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I have full length Hedman headers and switched to a mini starter decades ago...got tired of bashin my heat-siezed original starter with a hammer to allow me to get the car running. I also run a remote starter solenoid (a-la-Ford) mounted on the inner fender.

There is still very little room and my rag joint contacts the header when reversing and they make AT removal and oil filter changes epically difficult (not for long on the latter, installing a remote filter relocation in the Spring), but they will stay on for the time being (and I love the tinny sound they make up front).
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