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Just raise the car up, put it in 1st gear, release the parking brake, and have someone turn the crankshaft over 1 revolution while you observe the tranny output shaft. If the output shaft turns 2-1/2 times, you have a wide ratio. If it turns 2-1/4 times, it's a close ratio.

Gear ratios for 1st thru 4th:

Muncie M20 wide ratio
2.52 1.88 1.46 1.00

Muncie M21/22 close ratio
2.20 1.64 1.28 1.00

A car with a steep rear gear (like your 3.90:1) can take advantage of a close ratio. The lower gears (lower numerically) feel better with the wide ratio due to the better gear multiplication in 1st.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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