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Took a look at some post some issues are simmar thought i would ask

My brake light will come on when I'm stopped at a light for push them hard when driving to stop . If I'm at a light and I lift off the brake just a bit the light will go away .

When I got one I opened the MC cap and noticed my rear chamber was empty ( disc front drums back ) I got Delco brake fluid from my GM dealer filled it up as I was flying up to work I did not have time to bleed the lines but the brakes were much better when I added the brake fluid . However light still Comes on .

I have checked under the car there is no fluid on my garage floor .

Possible it is filling up the booster pump ?
I will Bleed the lines as soon as in home but if that doesn't work does it sound like I'm in need of a new MC and booster?

Thanks guy cheers !
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