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I believe both 67 & 68 Pontiac Tempest, LeMans, and GTO are wired the same with AM, AM-FM radios wired as mono front & rear. The 7298842 8-track stereo tape player internally switches the mono from the AM,AM-FM radio into L in front and R in back. AM-FM Stereo Radio units were available in 67, 68 full size models and the 8-track harness is slightly different from the A bodies to allow stereo in both radio or 8-track modes all the time. If you're doing a retrofit, the F-R or reverb switches are not needed. The BALANCE control on the 8-track player does that job whether your using the radio or player. A full size 8-track harness can be modified to work in a GTO.

The tape player is a T-200 model. I call it the "Terminator" version because it's built so rugged. You may want to take the cover off and clean out the tape debris. If you haven't already, you'll need to replace the belt. The right circumference and diameter is important. Too tight and it'll sound slow. Too loose and it may wind off the pulleys during use. I use a PRB OA14.8 (14.8" circumference, 0.070" cross section dia. round belt). Today's belts' rubber compound stretch differently and this size isn't too tight that it slows the tape speed, nor too loose that it falls off. I tried NOS replacement belt 1222760 but it was shrunk, took a set, & would not work correctly. (FYI, it was 13.6" long x 0.070" square). The bulbs that illuminate the STEREO and TAPE indicators are GE250.

The warnings that speakers need to be connected prior to operation on AM, AM-FM radios applies to the 8-track player as well. The amp circuits are identical.

I've attached some wiring diagrams to aid in your efforts. In the future, consider making your own 8-track to bluetooth adapter. When they ask you "What's an 8-track?", you can say it's a device that connects your cell phone to the car. :)

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