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Your missing a lot of wiring
That’s for the radio
Do you have am ?
Am fm. ? Am-fm stereo?? Rear speaker?

it all matters on getting the correct harness

buy one from “themgrandprixs “ on ebay

I have a few spare harnesses
for the 8 track s
But I don’t have them all labeled

has your player been tested or is that what your trying to do?

yellow power
Blue rear speaker
Green front speaker
Gray illumination
Thank you. I have a AM/FM stereo w/ a rear speaker. The radio had the separate duplexer. Have the radio wired up on a bench and everything is working. Now just trying to figure out how to incorporate the 8 track. I understand it has to tie into the radio. Can both the tape and radio play at the same time? Does inserting a tape cut the radio out? I am flying blind here but the info you have given will help a lot. Thank you.
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