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:cool: Last weekend was the summer muscle car show at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, and during the nights, the thieving bastards stole nine (9) Muscle Cars from the parking lots of local motels.

At Least 9 Hot Rods Stolen after Car Show at Minnesota Fairgrounds | KSTP TV - Minneapolis and St. Paul

Modus Operandi: Generally, these slime balls work in 2 thief teams with an old-style tow truck (with the kind of hoist that slings to the rear bumper). One thief goes to the parked car and checks for an alarm (he will cut or simply disconnect the car's horn wires). The first thief then Slim Jims the door. Once inside the car, the first thief calls his partner's cell phone the partner then brings the tow truck. The first thief puts the car in neutral and the pair push it out of its parking place and a distance to the waiting tow truck. It takes mere seconds to sling the car and off they go.

Ask your motel for parking lot security during the nights the show is on. Alarms are good as long as you have a siren/loud speaker with hidden wires, decent systems will call your cell phone or a pager if they go off. The Club works (most times) -- I'd love to get a "Boot" like the ones Parking Enforcement uses.

Think like Hillary and then make it as difficult as possible for the thieves to get your car. Unfortunately, if they want it bad enough: When we were at Woodward some thieves couldn't get the car so they stole the trailer and the pickup pulling the trailer (the owner left then hooked up).
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