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Last week I installed the Adjustable Radius Caster kit. According to the instructions, one silver shim in front of the bushing and five shims in back, is the "standard" configuration, meaning no change in caster. I placed two in front and four in back for an added approx (6 shims divided by a total of 2° additional caster).3° of positive caster. I then had it aligned. Spec Range for caster on the GTO is 6.5° - 9.0°. My current setting is 9.4° and the passenger front tire rubs the vertical plastic guard located inside the fender when making left turns. The left side doesn't rub due to minor differences in the shape the left and right fender well. The question is, will I notice the difference if the caster is set a 9.0 or 9.4? Because I may be able to resolve by either removing the plastic or fastening it closer to the metal section of the fender well.
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