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American V-8 Supercar Series (AV8SS)
The newly formed American V-8 Supercar Series (AV8SS) will be traveling to Nashville Superspeedway the weekend of April 16/17. They will be offering the first of two licensing schools as well as open track time to any qualified drivers. The racing will consist of a "double header" sprint format with two back to back races punctuated by a short and frantic intermission. AV8SS is pleased to announce the addition of Cobalt Friction Brakes, Racetech Seats and Darkhorse Products to their growing list of sponsors. Info [email protected] www.av8ss.com

Hello Gents,
Brion Gluck from American V-8 Supercars (AV8SS) here . I just want to take a moment to invite you and all your friends to our event at Nashville Superspeedway in April (16/17). I really do need your help to get the word out there. We will be having an open track event in addition to the racing. The cost is $350.00 for the weekend but if you tell me you saw this thread I am offering the weekend for $300.00 for either the racing OR open track. We will have plenty of track time available. Drop me a line if you have any question at [email protected] or Dan at [email protected] or call Dan at (757) 561-1110.
Hope to see you at the track.............................Brion

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Av8ss at CMP wide open racing

Carolina Motorsports Park was the site of the season opener for the newly formed American V-8 Supercar Series (AV8SS). Hosted by the SVT Cobra Mustang club (SCMC), the weekend was an unqualified success by any measure.

Saturday dawned windy but sunny with 17 racers ready to shake off the long winter chill. The morning practice session found veteran Barry Kline atop the time sheets in AV8 at 1:50.876, followed by Bryan Shugg, Thomas Moran from Canada, Greg Anderson, Richard Koehler, rookie Brian Groth, Mike Schlickenmeyer, Gene Boccabella, Brion Gluck, rookie Jack Flynn and John Vickerman. The unlimited class had an obvious potential winner in Lester Lesneski in his supercharged 2004 Mustang. Lesneski led the time sheets all weekend, dipping into the 1:43's when required. Giving chase in unlimited were Pete Johns, David Morrison, Bobby Byrd and Gary Henkel. In an interesting twist, a qualifying race was held on Saturday to set the grid for Sunday's "money race". Though mired mid-pack due to a poor "draw", Lesneski wasted little time moving to the front of what was a 15 car field. The real action was a bit further back in the AV8 class where Kline ('94 Mustang Cobra) was waging a fierce battle with local hot shoe Shugg ('98 Mustang Cobra). Slightly further back , rookie Thomas Moran dueled with Richard Koehler and Greg Anderson with a third distinct battle between Groth and Schlickenmmeyer. In the end, Kline would have the measure of Shugg followed by Moran, Anderson, Schlickenmeyer, Boccabella, Koehler, Flynn and Gluck. In unlimited, Lesneski would earn the top starting spot for Sunday over Morrison, Henkel, Byrd and Johns.

Sunday dawned even brighter with a welcome relief from the high winds of the previous day. Due to early season teething problems and mechanical woes, only 14 of the 17 cars were able to answer the call to the grid. At the drop of the green, Lesneski rocketed off never to be headed. As with Saturday, the most excitement was in the AV8 class. Again, it would be Kline and Shugg embroiled in a race long battle for the win with Groth, Schlickenmeyer and Anderson having a war of their own. The race presented problems for both cars and racers in knocking the rust off for the coming season. Mechanical gremlins surfaced during the race and drivers overcooked braking points to lead to some fairly high attrition. In the end, Kline would come out victorious with Shugg close behind, followed by Groth, Schlickenmeyer, Anderson, Flynn, Koehler, Gluck and Boccabella. In unlimited, Lesneski won in a rout, followed by Morrison, Henkel and Johns. The race definately did not lack for close competition, providing a little of everything for the spectators in attendance. Post race inspection showed no bent sheetmetal and no flared tempers. A good time was had by all. Congratulations to all competitors!

The $2500.00+ cash purse was distributed as follows: Kline(600), Shugg(450), Groth(300), Schlickenmeyer(150), Anderson(100), Flynn(100). Unlimited: Lesneski(450), Morrison(300), Henkel(100). Additionally, series sponsor Nitto Tires provided two tires for the Hard Charger award to Jack Flynn. Associate sponsor Cobalt Brakes provided a free set of race pads to Late Brake of the race award winner Richard Koehler. Barry Kline's company, nutandbolt.com provided a free entry for the next event in the way of a Sportsmanship award, presented to Pete Johns. Post race cash and prizes totaled in excess of $3500.00, not including individual contingency awards.

AV8SS would like to extend a special thank you to SCMC for their expertly run event and superb hospitality during the weekend. A special thanks to John Pearson, event coordinator.

AV8SS recognizes with great appreciation it's sponsors, Nitto tires,Amos Publishing, Nutandboltkit.com, Cobalt Brakes, Racetech Seats, Kenny Brown Industries, Griggs Racing, Capitol Motor Cars, Mustangs Unlimited, Dark Horse Racing,, I D Card Consultants, Jet Aviation of Ft Pearce Fl. :leaving:

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here s how

no rice said:
How do you become a qualified driver? Is that an SCCA license thing? :confused
Open Track and School The weekend of April 16/17
Open Track and School The weekend of April 16/17 at
Nashville Superspeedway the American V-8 Supercar Series is offering
open track time. Open track sessions are open to both licensed racers
with race cars and qualified drivers (past school instruction) with safe
and reliable open track cars. All makes and models are welcome. Club
discounts are available with 5 or more cars. Track time exceeds 2 hours
per day.

Required safety equipment is a helmet, seatbelt/harness, portable
fire extinguisher and proper clothing. Cost is $350.00 for the weekend
or $200.00 per day unless a discounted rate is negotiated. Please
contact [email protected]
or [email protected]
for additional information. www.av8ss.com

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Racers- Come join us for an exciting weekend of racing at the new Autobahn road course (www.autobahncountryclub.net) outside of Chicago May 21/22. We will be running the same format as Nashville, two 30 minute sprint races punctuated by a 20 minute "intermission" in pit lane on the south course. We will be running the regular AV8 class and the unlimited class. At this time it looks like we will have 22-30 cars so there should be no shortage of competition. We will be paying a purse as follows:
Regular AV8 Class:
1st--$900.00+$150.00 Nitto Dollars
2nd--$500.00+$100.00 Nitto Dollars
3rd--$300.00+$50.00 Nitto Dollars


---In addition, we will award the sportsmanship award which provides a free entry to the following event($350.00 value) from www.nutandboltkit.com.
---Nitto tires will also award two tires as the Hard Charger Award.
---Cobalt Friction Brakes will give a free set of pads to the Late Brake Of The Race award winner.
*******As this is an SVTOA event, AV8SS will award an extra $500.00 to the highest finishing Cobra "R" Model Mustang. This will be in addition to any other purse monies.*******
Any questions please inquire at [email protected] or 757-561-1110.
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