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Listed below are the various products available from AMSOIL for a 2004 GTO.

Engine Oil
AMSOIL Series 2000 0w30
AMSOIL SAE Synthetic 5w30
AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5w30

Engine Oil Filter

Transmission Fluid (Manual or Automatic)

Differential Fluid
AMSOIL Severe Gear Extreme Pressure Synthetic 75w140
AMSOIL Long Life Synthetic 80w140
AMSOIL Slip-Lock Differential Additive

Hand Pump for Transmission and Differential Fluids
AMSOIL Hand Pump

Power Steering Fluid

Hastings Products Available through AMSOIL
Transmission: TF156
PCV Valve: HV199

A complete listing of products for any vehicle made in the last 25 years can be found here: AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide

Information on ordering AMSOIL at retail can be found here:
AMSOIL Ordering Information
AMSOIL Preferred Customers save about 20%:
AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program

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i can't say that i am a fan of amsoil. i am not a beliver in 25k drain intervals. even if the oil held its viscosity, flashpoint and all other properties (which it won't) it will still get dirty. the dirt accumulation after 25 thousand miles is rather large however this does not pose a problem for regular oils because you change them and flush the dirt out.

Right there they try and mislead you by showing amsoil is better by a large amount, however if you look at the numbers it is actually a small difference.

Now think about this. the test shows that it is only very slightly better then mobil 1. however mobil1 still reccomends an oil change interval at 5000 miles.

They also mislead you to belive that all their products are API certified when infact only a few of them are


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Some of your points are well taken.

Dust is an issue and most filters are not designed with that capacity. However, the AMSOIL SDF Oil Filter has a higher capacity than most filters. And yet is one of the highest flowing filters in its group on this independent test: http://www.oilfilterstudy.com/
Their quotes:
"In the high-priced group, the Amsoil, Mobil 1, Fram XG, and K&N appear to be good choices."
"This filter appears to have very good filtration media and very good flow."
"It is the best flowing filter in the group of 50 µm average largest pore size filters."

Yet, even with this higher capacity, AMSOIL only rates their filters for 12,500 miles or six months of use. Thus if you really were going to use the full 25k miles, you'd need two AMSOIL SDF filters (but more of others).

Here are a few guys who ran both AMSOIL SAE 5w30 and Mobil 1 5w30 for a full year in an LS1 engine. While both oils showed excellent results, the AMSOIL had an edge in wear metals. There is some debate as to whether the Mobil 1 was handicapped by engine breakin by going first so they are redoing the Mobil 1 test. As an FYI, both these oils went significantly beyond 10,000 miles without problem.

I'd also like to point out that there is a difference between API certified and meeting API standards. AMSOIL far exceeds API standards:
AMSOIL 10w30 Excels in API Sequence IIIF Test

But you are correct in pointing out that only the XL-7500 line has gone through the API certification process.

As a counter point, I would like to point out that Mobil 1 just came out with a 15k mile oil that is not API certified and cost the same as AMSOILs 25k oil at retail. (AMSOIL Preferred Customers can get the 25k AMSOIL SAE 5w30 for about 20% less.) If AMSOIL is so far off the mark, how come Mobil 1 is following their lead?

Redline, the other leading manufacturer of high performance synthetic motor oil isn't API certified either. Redline recommends 12,000-18,000 mile oil change intervals with a filter change at 7,500 to 10,000 miles.
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