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Just found this forum and registered today. I bought my '05 GTO about six months ago now and love it. It is my first muscle car in 15 years. I've been chasing M3's, G35's, SL55amg's, etc. in my black and white chariot for the last six years and have lost more than one set of tail lights due to, ahem, a slightly underpowered Crown Victoria (250 hp anyone?). However, now I'm doing extensive "research" using my GTO as my test ride to better understand the capabilities of the 2 door coupe motoring public. I'm afraid I've got a lot of road miles to tear up..uh, I mean carefully drive, before I've gathered all my data, but I'm sure it will be greatly beneficial to me on a strictly professional basis. Of course I never, ever go above the speed limit, but I do tend to get to the limit faster than anyone else (Ok, maybe I went over the limit once or twice or....). Anyway, glad to be a part of the GTO crowd, everyone seems real cool here.
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