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Hey all. I have been itching to take my goat out to the nearest dragstrip, Temple Academy Raceway, in Temple Tx. Having never raced anything other than from stoplight to stoplight, I am a bit hesitant being the newbie on track and would like to avoid the Sat night crowds, so I asked Greg at the TAR if they have a program for wannabes like me.

The folks their have been discussing this type of idea in the past, but they are not sure of the response. He indicated that if they got enough people to sign up that would consider doing these every couple of months.

So, I guess there are others within commute distance of Temple who are like me and considering going to the track, but the newness is holding you back. If anyone else is interested in the idea, post a note here, or contact Greg direct at: [email protected]. Or check out their site at: http://www.templeacademy.com. Even you lurkers should jump on this one!

Dont make me the only loser, non-drag racing, gear missing, rev limiting, skip shifting, light jumping, GTO newbie on the track. Goats are safer in herds!

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