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Hello folks!

I just signed up for this forum. I have been trying to see what everybody else has been doing to their GTO's. I have been on the LS1tech forum for the GTo, but there is not a lot of traffic on there, hopefully this forum has more.

I took my car to Grattan Raceway (www.grattanraceway.com) a few weeks ago for some open track time, and learned quite a bit about my GTO.

1- The stock BFG's can't take open tracking. I chunked the tread pretty bad on the fronts.

2- More front brakes are a must. I was running PF pads for a C5 (there is another post on that), but the rotors were not up to the task, and I boiled the fluid. Time for a brake upgrade.

3- The car needs more front camber, or more camber gain. I have seen worse, but I chewed up the outer two tread blocks on the fronts. I another degree might help the problem. As far as body roll, it was pretty good for stock..

4- As usual, the stock car is set up to understeer. This sucked, and it took some hard flogging to get the tail to come around, it got worse as the day went on, it might have been the front tires going away, but the diff might have loosened up too. . I think the posi needs more pre-load too, as the inside can get broken loose pretty easy on tight corners..

5- Run the oil level 1 quart high. I had the oil light come on once on a hard right hander with hard suspension inputs. I tossed in an extra quart, no probs..

The rest of the car RAN AWESOME!! I got 100 miles out of a tank of gas, 6 mpg indicated on the DIC . I had a Thermocouple in the oilpan, the sump temps never got over 275F, without any external oil coolers, but it's good to run synthetic. Engine temps NEVER got above half, on a 65 degree day. I was running with some guys with A-sedan cars. If I could get the car to corner a bit better, I could out lap them, no prob. Sure, I had 5.7L, they had 5.0L, but they had slicks (maybe very worn R-compound treads) and weighed 1000# less.

Next time I go back, I will have:

- More front camber
- Better tires
- Better brakes
- I'll probably leave the passenger and rear seats at home, and the spare tire in the pits.
-Maybe a gell cell battery if I have the courage to move it to the already small trunk..
- I wonder if the BMR strut tower brace really does anything, I'll might try it out.
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