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I did! :D

Some sick Ferraris and lambos there...
they had Shaq's gay escalade, the new Z06 and C6-R, an 05' GTO an LS2 on display by pontiac, the Firepower, M5, SLR McLaren, S7, Murcialago roadster, gallardo, elsie and exige, couple rolls royces, XLR-v, trailblazer SS, Viper GTS, couple hemi engine cut-outs, Shelby Cobra(new one), shelby GR1, Big Foot, and the biggest F-150 you will ever see, Evo X, Shelby GT500, Ford GT, aston martans vanquish (No DBV8 :( )... Basically thats what i saw and liked

Overall worth going but dont expect to walk onto camp jeep unless your prepared to wait 2 hours :shutme

And if you decide to go... stop down at the southern concourse where the dream photo thing is... The sickest 360 modena is there along with a Murcielago and another 360... They are also selling dvds...
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