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warsgoat said:
I just bought a new 05' midnight blue, M6 Goat and would enjoy meeting others in the area...I live in Oceanside, Ca.

400 hp ROCKS!!

have you seen the red gto with the ram air"tru ram air" with the judge dredd on it?,have you seen the purple gto with the body kit on it and if you ever get to talk to the people in the purple gto tell them Eddie sead there slow they will laugh there good friends of mine :party: there the owners of aed central.com"they make body kits"

BEWARE: don't race the purple GTO he willllllll stomp on you MAGNACHARGED :cool :cool LOOKS LIKE THIS


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Haven't seen but a few in the area. I was just at Wallmart (College & 76) this morning and saw a black 05' w/ DOD stickers. Anyone know about this one? I hung out for while but nobody came out.

Anyhow...would be nice to get together sometime. :cheers
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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