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lotaguts said:
Coral Springs pontiac in south fla has lots of 06's dont recall exact specs, when I was shopping for my 05 they had lots of 05's on the lot it was mind boggling so I would bet they are still there as well. They have had an yellow 04 with only 9k which I was going to buy but they would not work with me on price thank god because I got a good deal on my 05 sheehan pontiac. The yellow car is still on the lot and I cant help but smile when I drive by there. :lol:
Know what you mean. I tried to negotiate on an '05 in Harrisonburg, VA about 30 miles from my house. Closest one to me. They wouldn't meet my price, in fact no one in VA would, so I went out of state.

When we go pick up our son at JMU, I drive by, and there it still sits, just appreciating in value every day.:rofl:
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