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A little background on me- I'm an old-school GM nut from the Motor City who's been into primarilly Chevy muscle cars and sbCs, in particular, for years now. I've owned a '65 Pontiac Acadian Invader 2-door sedan(I figure that oughtta confuse about 95% of the folks here) with a 404 sbC, 4.56 12-bolt, 'Glide that ran consistent 11s in street trim and ran a Yahoo Group for fans of these cars. Then I got into the first-gen 383 craze early on and also ran one of the first Groups on building those. I am one of the original plank-holding founders, as we call ourselves, of Yahoo Car Chat from back in the mid-'90s, back before enthusiast forum sites such as this ever existed. Currently the only real vehicle I own worth mentioning is an '84 C10 Custom Fleetside 1/2 ton with a 400hp 360/4-speed combo that's retired awaiting restification which brings me here. I've been wanting GM to produce some kind of real muscle for quite a long time now('Vettes aren't going to be economically feasible until I retire). The 2005 GTO finally fills the bill as far as I'm concerned and I'm hitting the local dealership this week to get one.

Anyway, I'm into real speed(I don't even consider any car on the street fast unless it's in the 11s or quicker, due to my location and the kind of competition we have here). I'm fully happy with the new GTO banging 13s bone stock but I won't be happy with that for very long. My question is this: is anyone here in the 11s or quicker? I've read a lot of posts here about folks "killing" various imports, Rustangs, etc. on the street but is anyone taking their car to the next level? Anyone spraying? Anyone lightening their cars? Anyone swapping rear gears? Anyone doing something no one else has thought of? Suspension tips like actually modifying locations, etc.? I'm kinda bored with reading about these guys who traded in their BMWs or whatever and beat a Mustang with their new GTO and think they have a really fast car now...

Yuppie bolt-on cold air/exhaust kits, weak little 75hp N2O kits, etc. aside...is anyone out here getting their car really quick? Anyone spraying 150+(the LS2 can handle that easily), working heads, doing in-depth suspension mods, approaching or even looking for 10s, etc? If so, what are you doing? What's working? What's not? If not here, can anyone point me to a forum or site where these kind of guys are discussing such things? I know I can't be the only real gearhead here who's been bitten by the new GTO bug but wants just a little more.
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