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SMOKED Tail Lamps...I have it down pat..!!

I got the formula down pat. Perfect combination of Clear and Black to give the High Gloss and Smoke finish that gives the Goat the stand alone appearance. I did my original set and they came out perfect. Not too dark and not too light.
I understand that there is a company that does it for 150.00 + shipping. What I can do is 125.00 + shipping. But my turn around time is immediate as I would always have a set in stock that is refinished already. What I would need is for you to send me your undamaged set of '04 - '05 tail lamps. When I receive them I would box my completed set in your box and ship them right out. Then refinish yours and put them on the shelf for the next customer. I can do other model cars also, however turn around time would not be immediate. Tried this procedure on hdlmps and it looks pretty good too. Only I dont make them as dark. If anyone is interested please E Mail me at [email protected]

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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