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I know this is the worst way to get into Domestic Driver Magazine but we are looking for some wreckage for the July/August issue. If you have 2MP+ pictures of a wrecked Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, or GM Car from 1980+ please email them to me with a short story about what happened. Include your full name so we can give you credit.

Oh and we need this by tomorrow in order to make it in time! We can use more then one wrecked car so keep the submissions coming!

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How about wreakage involving 2 trains and 40+/- GTOs.

Accident shuts down rail line
Crew member goes to hospital as train wreck blocks route.


April 14, 2005

Blairstown, Ia. - Train traffic on a major coast-to-coast freight line was stopped Wednesday afternoon when a train accident just west of Blairstown derailed 11 cars, injuring one crew member.

The derailment happened about 1:45 p.m. when an eastbound Union Pacific coal train was stopped for traffic near Blairstown and another train hit it from behind, railroad officials said.

Two crew members aboard the freight train traveling from North Platte, Neb., to Chicago suffered minor injuries, said Mark Davis, spokesman for the Union Pacific Railroad. A third crew member was transported by ambulance to Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids for non-life-threatening injuries, Davis said.

Dozens of new automobiles on the train were damaged as at least four train cars tipped on their sides, said Michael Ferguson, chief deputy for the Benton County Sheriff's Department.

"You didn't order a yellow GTO, did you?" Sheriff Randy Forsyth said. "We saw one of those."

One rail car full of coal was crushed, leaving coal on the rail bed, Ferguson said. Hazardous materials crews and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources were called because of an estimated 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled.

Federal transportation officials were on the scene Wednesday afternoon to investigate, Ferguson said.

Railroad officials quickly brought in bulldozers and other machinery to clean up the scene, which cannot be accessed directly by road. Union Pacific planned to have the derailment cleaned up by midnight or early today, Ferguson said, but track repairs will likely delay traffic today.

Four or five trains an hour usually pass over the busy rails at Blairstown, Forsyth said.

"A lot of commerce goes through here," Ferguson added. "They're backed up clear across the country at this point."

Davis said crews would work through Wednesday night to replace the damage and clean up the mess. He said there are few detour routes in the area, so rail traffic on the freight line will remain backed up until the scene is cleared.

The last major train wreck in Iowa occurred in Adams County in 2001, when an Amtrak train derailed, killing one passenger and injuring dozens of others. The accident was caused by a defective rail.

Before that, in 1999, a Union Pacific freight train pulling 126 cars slammed into a parked, empty grain train in Alton, killing the conductor and the driver of a van parked near the tracks.

Three months earlier, two Dubuque railroad workers died when the Union Pacific train they were operating hit the end of a Burlington Northern-Santa Fe train.

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My 2000 Ford Expedition burned to the ground due to that infamous cruise control device recall.

I only have the 640x480 pictures on my website since I'm not at home right now. Could you guys use the lower quality pics?

I could send you the full quality 3.2mp pics tomorrow night.

Here's the story and the other pics - http://www.paulstravelpictures.com/Ford-Expedition-Engine-Fire/index.html
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