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Undercover Boss: Watch Episodes and Video and Join the Ultimate Fan Community - CBS.com

Anyone see this last night?

It's about the "boss" of a company disguising him/herself to be a lower level employee and see how his company/employees are working at that level.

Some key items:

  • corporate culture
  • employee moral
  • processes
I liked it.

Next week the CEO of HOOTERS! will be undercover.

They showed a scene where the boss at Hooters makes the girls play reindeer games where they appear to be eating outta a plate with no hands - like reindeers, if they want to go home early.

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These reality shows have run their course....
Whatever happened to good shows..... Mork and Mindy, Hawaii 5-0, Dallas, Hogans Heros, All in the Family, Cosby Show, Married with Children, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, (LOL) Combat (with Vic Morrow) Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Get Smart, Seinfeld, I Dream of Jeanie and his array of GTO's, etc? What we got now is a lot of garbage. But I do like Cake Boss, Man v Food, Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and oh yea re runs of Becker.... Thank God for TV Land. I mean come on..... Seducing Cindy? Grown men acting like 12 year olds trying to sniff her estrogen? Fighting each other, crying falling in love with a GILF? While I would not kick her out of my bed, I wouldn't be sniffing her seat........ well not in front of a camera :D
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